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Get the tar ball from Freshmeat's Freedbtool page, extract it, change to the extracted directory, run might take hours to process one disk.

Good disks go much faster, in a couple of minutes for a fast drive.

Please take 10 minutes to participate, and share with your networks across Canada using the following links: English version of survey French version of survey When you first open the survey link you will see an informed consent form that provides information, such as the risks and benefits of participation.

This is followed by instructions for how to participate in the survey. The Kids Brain Health Survey will remain open until October 31, 2017.

This summer, in response to stakeholder feedback, we are reopening the dialogue and revisiting the priorities.

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Networking is definitely a key way to build business. Well for me, and I suspect a lot of people that get frustrated with the coffee debate, is that I get asked a lot and in many instances the other party had ulterior motives that were not mentioned until we got there.Here you will find the history of SIOP and Division 14, such as Laura Koppes’ historical overview of SIOP, a graphical timeline of SIOP’s history, History Posters for the SIOP conferences, and other items.You can view copies of the Division 14 Executive Committee meeting minutes from 1946, 19 here: Division 14 Memo 1947 from January 1997 TIP Division 14 EB Minutes 1947 from January 1997 TIP Division 14 EB Minutes 1949 from January 1997 TIP Early copies of Division 14 reports on training and the conference program can be viewed here: Wesman Husband & Mold (1949) Report on Committee on Divsion 14 Program Comittee Report 1951 From January 1997 TIP on the creation of Division 14 (Farr (1997) Division 14 Creation and Early History) and Fred Wickert reminisced about the American Association for Applied Psychology’s reunification with APA in 1946 (Wickert (1997) reminiscences of 1946).In 2016, Kids Brain Health Network conducted an environmental scan of the community of individuals dedicated to managing neurodevelopmental conditions such as CP, FASD, and ASD.

Participants in the scan identified 44 stakeholder priorities, which help guide our resource and funding allocations.

An undated report by Harold Burtt, Leonard Ferguson, and Douglas Freyer, later published in the January 1997 issue of TIP, covers the early history of the predecessor to Division 14 (Burtt Ferguson & Fryer (nd) Report on Early History of Division 14 from January 1997 TIP).