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Oh, yes indeed, a lot of people keep wondering why I’ve created so many projects, the main reason is that I do love classical art rock, sympho rock & neo-prog as well as some new age, ethnic and classical rock stuff, I think that it's nice when you have ability to compose what you like in a different ways.Karfagen is more instrumental classical art rock with the sympho rock, you could compare it to Camel, Happy the Man, Renaissance, Windchase, Greenslade, Focus, Gryphon, Pell Mell, Schicke Führs Fröhling or the band from your country Ain Soph (A Story Of Mysterious Forest – what a great album!

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You would see the eyes of true numismatists when they look at a rare coin and want to take hold of it at any cost - these are the eyes of an obsessive person who agrees neither to eat nor to sleep, to get into debt in order to obtain a desired and rare specimen.Best Techno Music podcasts we could find (Updated August 2017)Related podcasts: Techno House Tech House Deep Techno Deep House Music Dance Minimal Techno Dj Minimal Trance Progressive House Electronic Tech Techno Music Electronica Techhouse Experimental Electro Ambient 90's Italy Fabio Macchello nicknames was: Fabio J, Sirius and Fabio Emme.Fabio Macchello is an Italian 90's old school Techno Progressive DJ.Yes I’m a full-time musician and really happy with that, as it’s the main part and role in my life – to make someone's life brighter is the greatest pleasure for me.

Yes, Karfagen is my first ever band – I started to compose and perform music with friends when studying at school at the age of 15 I recorded a cassette of my compositions, playing everything by myself.## Although coins in 1958 and nebyli officially released into circulation, by some miracle, they still got there, on the mountain to those people who allowed the leakage of coins and the joy of coin collectors. "Poet by the grace of God" was easily hurt and insecure, but had a reputation as a witty prankster.