Hot chat portali

05-Jan-2018 12:09

Installation of the software is fairly straightforward.

All of the necessary source files are contained in a massive ZIP file.

Il nostro sito è presente sui più importanti portali del settore e-commerce e detiene una percentuale elevatissima di feedback positivi."Modena Cam is a state-of-art engineered software that allows you to quickly launch a full-featured adult-oriented chat and video cam site using Flash Media Server to deliver high-definition video and audio." - Ahmad Permessur, Editor - Hot Modena Cam is a full-featured turnkey solution for creating an adult (or non-adult) chat and live cam website.You can tell a unit to follow another unit by selecting a unit, then right-clicking on the unit that you want it to follow.

You can then tell another unit to follow the unit that was told to follow the first unit. You can then daisy chain a group of units, telling each unit to follow another one, until you have a long group following one unit.

In addition, the application can use Memcache to decrease database load time when traffic is high (by cloning high-use tables). Modena Cam uses PDO (PHP data object) to help protect queries from SQL injections and the presence of server-side validations for all Flash calls adds another layer of security.