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Last month, for example, took issue with both his fellow Roloffs and those who practice Christianity in general.“Christians as I have experienced them have assumed a real and damaging sense of superiority over all other belief systems,” wrote the son of Amy and Matt Roloff online, expounding as follows: "They have privately for so long deemed non-Christians as ‘needing help’ and diseased of the mind and spirit, condescendingly offering an empty platitude of the nature of ‘I’ll pray for you.' "They don’t pray for you though, they pray for themselves, their spiritual security, and out of pity that you aren’t as fortunate as they to be ‘in the know." That's a lot to consider, we know. To an innocent and sweet and adorable new member of his family? And without any clever, amusing British midwives or nuns. Matt continues to harp on how Amy finally let him meet Chris. Zach and Jeremy and Mueller are wandering around the farm. Matt wanders in to the work barn aka the men’s crisis center and rants he wants to find his own crib.Meanwhile in Bend, Jer and Auj are de-pretentiousing the old house. They discuss how mom and dad Roloff will want to see them and the kid, and Jer is all about how they will need to set some boundaries! At Amy’s house, Amy is making food for the baby couple, and will be teaching Zach how to cook food. Oh Zach, also try watching PBS cooking shows, they don’t take the knife away from you! He brings in his new sidepiece Caryn to actually do the work. In fairness to Chris, he’s clued in, unlike Matt, that Amy likes to eat out. She continues with the “rip the baby out where is the knife??“I saw a comment on something and somebody was asking why I don’t just do a show since I’m filming myself right now,” the 20-year-old said over the weekend.He went on to explain the difference between serving as his own director and editor and being at the mercy of a network producer as follows: There’s two ways to do the filming thing - one way is through the show, maybe and the other way is through myself and vlogs.Here is a recap/review of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired Tuesday June 27, 2017 on TLC. Tory is dreading the c-section and is all “They take your intestines out” and honestly I don’t think that’s a c-section. Amy and Matt discuss how they will be grandparents and we get a montage of various old scenes. I’d feel more if Jer and Auj weren’t already bitching about setting boundaries for the in-laws. Chris is amused but thinks he should be alone with Matt. Chris and Amy have dated for eight months and Chris wants to be respectful. Zach and Tory are one day out from birthing and she is huge.Written By Rap541 --------------------------------------------------- Ugh… I actually feel a lil sad during this part, as baby lambs wander about, that the older marrieds are divorced. So Matt’s extra room is basically an episode of Hoarders and no one better say the giant pile of cluttered shit is somehow Amy’s fault. There’s a bassinet thing for the baby in the bedroom.

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"He is adorable and Tori and I are loving being parents." But while we (obviously) expected to hear from Zach and Tori in honor of this special delivery, fans of Little People, Big World likely weren't counting on Jacob weighing in as well.Via a pretty epic Instagram post last summer, Roloff SLAMMED the program as scripted and fake and hypocritical.