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English TV actress who became known for portraying Carmen Howle on the BBC show Tracy Beaker Returns.

She also played Ester in the series Strike Back in 2013. She referred to Mia Mckenna Bruce as her sister on a Twitter post.

Sergi López (actor), Adrià Collado (actor), Melanie Olivares (actress), Robert Bellsolà (director), Robert Bellsolà (writer), Robert Bellsolà (producer), Carolina Bang (actress), Miqui Puig (composer), Miqui Puig (actor), Martha Carbonell (actress), Carlos Núñez (actor), Jordi López (editor), Anna Aguilà (costume designer), Lluís Malet (producer), Andoni Agirregomezkorta (actor), OSCAR, a smart stockbroker from the big city, and DAN, a goofy slacker from hicksville, get some big news: they're brothers.

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Dani Harmer is today successful singer, actress, and TV personality.

As of 2015, Harmer’s total net worth is estimated to be .5 million (£2.25 million).

In the episode, Carmen gets an audition to become a presenter for a science video, the only problem being that Carmen has no interest in science.

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Elsewhere, fed up with being treated like bottom feeders, Toni and Billie, the twins, decide to pretend they have telepathic powers.

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