Video dating tim and eric

09-Nov-2017 02:57

Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill's three teenage daughters may want to think twice before bringing anyone home to meet mom and dad.

The country stars admitted to Ellen De Generes on Friday, February 10, that they're a little overprotective when it comes to their kids dating. "There was a winter formal or something — it was a bunch of kids in a limousine — and I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder.

, the pair’s deadpan-demented sketch series, and helped set the tone for what will likely prove to be this generation’s Monty Python.

As much as the B’owl is typical Tim and Eric, though, it also bears the influence of someone else.

While Tim is taking nature photos he is attacked by Chippy's mother. Steve Brule gives a report on his favorite video game but forgets the title of it.

Tim is rescued and rehabilitated from his attack by a mysterious man known only as "The Snuggler".

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It was practice for something, but he didn’t quite know what.

But that was on purpose," Mc Graw, 49, recalled during a joint appearance with Hill, also 49, on De Generes' show.